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By msmonij22, Nov 9 2012 04:20AM

There is a current trend of weaving from sew-ins, micro-stiching, fusion, keratin, hair locs etc. that women are using to get the long luxurious hair or the short styles they have always wanted. But are you getting these services done by an educated licensed professional? If your answer is No unfortunately you are setting your self up for many years of scalp and hair problems for the future. At the Yeshe' Salon we are not the cheapest yet not the most expensive when installing our extensions but we do believe that you get what you pay for. What that means if you are getting your extensions installed by someone who is charging a price that is much lower than any of the licensed stylist you have checked with that means you are probably not getting your services done by someone who is committed to giving you the best style along with a style that is best for the health of your hair.

Wearing extensions should be a choice not an necessity and if you now have to wear extensions or wigs because your natural hair or hair line is so damaged from extensions or wigs you must understand it is time to stop now, invest the extra money to pay someone to do your extensions who is committed to weaving with a purpose and that is growing long healthy hair. The Yeshe' Salon is committed to providing each and every client with extension services that look natural and are installed best for health of the hair. When you receive extension services you should be receiving a style that is complementing as well as best for you. So break the cycle, its not too late unless your scalp has already been permanently damaged (consult a dermatologist) contact an educated, professional and hair care specialist to provide you with your Extension/weaving needs I garantee you that in the end you will feel it was worth the extra investment you had to make because in the end you will be wearing extensions/wigs because you choose to and not because you have to. We have taken the time to list some of our Ziye' Hair partner stylist who are licensed. educated extension specialist that may be in your area who can help you to wear you extensions with style that will allow you to also wear you natural hair whenever you are ready. If you are in the Dallas/Plano are you can always contact us as we specialize in Extensions, Hair Care, Custom color and cuts to multi-cultural clientel with natural or chemically treated hair.

We are Partner Stylist for an Premium 100% Virgin Hair Line who's product is one of the best on the market it is reusable for a minimum of 6-12 months with proper care available in 10-30 inches, no matting and little to no shedding. You can tell your stylist to check into becoming a licensed partner stylist with the company as well or you can just order your hair yourself at www.ziyehair.com and show up to your stylist. We garantee you wont want to try another brand, its the best product at a better price.

If you are in the Chicagoland are you can contact these fabulous Ziye' Hair partner stylist as well:

Roshann @Salon RoChe'


Shawnta @Serenity Beauty Salon


Pictured Below: One of our fabulous Full Sew-In clients wearing Ziye' Luxury Human Hair Extensions Malaysian Body Wave Hair. www.yeshesalon.com

By msmonij22, Sep 20 2012 03:07AM

Ziye' Hair is pleased to welcome the New Face of Ziye' Hair, Model "J Marie" of VH1's Flavor of Love 3 and

R Kelly's new "Trapped in the Closet" Series. J Marie has been modeling for many years and has graced the cover of magazines, TV screens, hosted many events and is currently a promotional model for a large liquor company. We welcome J Marie and we hope that your seeing how she wears and models our different hair types will inspire you to make your next order of Premium Hair from us. J Marie in this photo is wearing our 100% Virgin Remy Brazilian Body Wave Hair custom colored and cut by one of our Master stylist Celebrity Stylist Moni J of Plano, Tx. Congratulations J Marie great things are in store for you!

Your truly,

Yeshe' Salon

By guest, Sep 3 2012 11:17PM

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